Can you still outsmart Google Ads with Manual bididng?

Implementing the right Google Ads bidding strategy is one of the most critical things to lower your ad costs and improve your ad performance. If you have not researched this topic, chances are that you are wasting your estimated budget. However, if you were to make the right decision, you can take your campaign performance to a new level.


When launching a new campaign on Google Ads, it will ask what type of bidding you want to use. Most advertisers go for the automated type because who wants to adjust bids all the time when running multiple campaigns? And the truth is, probably not a lot of people.


Google truly does want to help you market your business in every possible way, which is why they have developed automated bidding strategies to help you manage your paid search ad campaigns. However, you can also utilize the manual bidding strategy, which has its pros and cons.


In this blog post, we will take a look at the benefits and limitations when it comes to using the manual bidding strategy.


What is Manual Bidding?


Manual bidding is when you manage your keyword bids in Google Ads, which means you will be able to make decisions without any AI assistance or smart solutions. When using this strategy, advertisers usually rely on experience and the performance of past keyword performance data to guide them through their decision-making process. 


This is a very “hands-on” approach and it involves a lot of patients, time, and PPC knowledge to drive a good ROI.


Manual bidding is best if:


  • You want to have the ability to perform quick changes

  • You have a limited ad budget

  • You want more control over your ad campaigns

  • You’ve spent a lot of time monitoring your campaigns

If you are still not sure if that strategy will suit you, we have listed the 3 main pros and cons of using the manual bidding strategy.


Top 3 Pros of Manual Bidding


As we are sure that you have realized by now, the manual bidding strategy gives you more independence and decision-making power. Along with that, there are a few key benefits:

  1. A lot more control – You can have a lot more control when bidding at the keyword level, which will let you choose which bids you want to win specific terms and phrases you prefer.

  2. No delay when making change – In contrast to automated bidding (which takes a bit of time to implement), any changes you make with manual bidding will take effect right away.

  3. Quicker reaction time – If you notice that you have a period of low performance, you can run a report and make the necessary changes right away. By doing that you will effectively limit the damage to your overall ad budget.

Top 3 Cons Of Manual Bidding


Even though the advantages are great, there are still a few cons related to using the manual bidding strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the most important:

  1. Difficult to scale – Once your Google Ads account grows (in terms of campaigns and budget), it will be challenging to manage. The simple task of manually bidding on a campaign, if multiplied by a 3 or more, could seem like an enormous task for one person to take on.
  1. Changes of human errors – A simple fact is that even the best advertisers make mistakes. That likelihood is increased with large accounts, which means that your marketing team may miss out on the bigger picture if they stick with manual bidding.
  1. Time-consuming – Manual bidding can quickly become a full-time job. It will solely depend on you to determine if the outcome is worth the effort.



When launching a new ad campaign, choosing “the perfect bidding strategy” isn’t an easy task to accomplish. There are a lot of options to choose from and if you have not used each of them previously, the decision could directly affect your campaign.


We recommend for you to try out the automated strategy because in our opinion the cons outweigh the pros in the case of manual bidding. Moreover, we think that the manual bidding strategy is highly experimental, meaning it tends to be difficult to exactly pinpoint, and it often shows as not being the best practice.


If you have found this blog post informative, let us know so we can continue to expand on this topic.

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